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Does your house look like it came right from Home Goods?

Jerilyn Gilleylen

Have you ever wondered, does my house look cheap or what can I do to make it look like I have a well put together home? Watch for some easy decorating tricks in today’s video to avoid looking cheap.

Hi guys it is Jerilyn with Brighton Living and I’m a Realtor with Preview Properties. Decorating interiors can be fun and fulfilling—and expensive. Sometimes when you attempt to save money, you can end up with results that are less than beautiful.  By avoiding some common cheap decorating trends, you can decorate your home on a budget while making it look expensive and elegant.

The first thing that is going to give your home a cheap look is when you walk into an entryway and see shoes cluttered everywhere. Please, please don’t use a shoe rack at the entryway.  I don’t know why but it cheapens the whole experience of walking into a home.  Try to find a piece of furniture like a bench or a shoe cabinet you can hide the shoes in. They do make very slim shoe cabinets that can made a statement in your entryway.  Trust me this is something that will make a major change in your home.

Let’s talk about Wall Art and “Phrase Art”.  Sometimes wall art and phrase art can be the reason your home looks cheap.  Live Love Laugh might be a perfectly good motto to live by but it doesn’t mean you need to plaster it 15 times around your house.  It is tacky and impersonal.  Also try to avoid the mass produced wall art we have all seen at IKEA or Marshalls or Target.  I swear some of these have been around for 20 years.  Seeing these in a home is not going to give a vibe of high end.  Spend a few minutes and sift through these stores and find a piece that looks more original. 

One of the first things I do in a home when I am getting professional pictures taken for a listing is look in the room and hide cords.  Nothing screams cheap more to me than when people have hanging TVs and the cords are streaming down the wall or a cords or are hanging over the desk to a plug that is 5 ft away. There are a few remedies out there to hide your cords, one being cord concealers.  Find the concealers that can be painted your wall color so it just blends right in.  Of course the premium remedy is to hide the cords in the drywall but this may not be an option if you are renting. You can also run cords along furniture with clips or along baseboards by adding a cover.

Another way to make your home look more high end is to anchor your furniture with a rug but not just any rug, the correct size rug. Rugs that are too small, too big, the wrong shape or laying rugs next to rugs is going to make your home look cheap.   You want to make sure your rug isn’t too small because it will look like your furniture is exploding in the space instead of anchoring your furniture. A rug is suppose to add comfort to the room.  As long as you can get the front legs of all your furniture on the rug you have the right size rug.  Now it is different for your dining room table and chairs. You want to be able to scoot out your chair and still be on the rug. Getting the right size and having fun with textures and colors it can give your home a more put together and well thought out look.

Now let me shift to lighting.  Showing homes over the years, I have seen every design of the standard lighting builders put in homes and most of us, myself included have not upgraded from the boob lights.  These lights in no way scream out high end.  You can easily switch out these lights to give your home a little statement or modern vide.  These lights shouldn’t break the bank if you shop at Wayfair, Home Depot, or Amazon. I promise anyone can change out a light fixture and this little change will take your home to the next level.

If you are thinking of selling your home, I would love to help.  I can also help you stage your home with what you already have to maximize the look of your rooms that could potentially increase value. Visit my website at and find my seller and buyer’s guide under the resources tab. 

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Until next time…