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5 Things to consider before you list your home

Jerilyn Gilleylen

So you are ready to list your home but you don’t know what really matters to buyers. Do buyers care if the house is clean? Should you repaint the entire house and put in new flooring? Should you update your lighting? Hold up! Don’t do anything until you meet with a Realtor. One of the most common questions I get asked is What do I need to do before I sell my home.

Today I will give you 5 things to consider before you list your home for sale.

First – Don’t over-improve your home.

Don’t over-improve your home for the area you live in. If you already have the most expensive home in your area and you have over-improved it, you aren’t going to get the price you are expecting. Why because the comparables around you are not going to support your price. Even if your home is the Taj Mahal, you need to keep your improvements in line with what is around you.

Second – De-Clutter

Start packing! I tell all of my clients to go get boxes or bins and start to de-clutter. You don’t need that collection of tea cups all over the buffet table. Remove some art. I see people who want to put something on every single wall. This habit will only distract your buyers because they are looking at your things instead of your home. Also included in the decluttering stage is clear off the front of the refrigerator. Get rid of it. If you have a home office with papers everywhere, file it, shred it, burn it. The key point is tone it down when selling your home so your features and amenities shine through

Third – A good cleaning

Yes it matters. Now that you have decluttered, a good cleaning will go a long way. You may consider cleaning the carpets. Dog odor can get trapped in the carpets and can be the first thing a buyer smells when they enter your house. Speaking of smells, do not over scent your home. That screams – Hello buyer I am trying to cover something up.

Fourth is – complete that Honey Do list.

All those little things on your list can become a big thing to a buyer. A missing piece of trim, a leaking faucet, or missing grout in the bathtub will give the impression to your buyer that if the seller can’t fix or maintain the small stuff what about the big stuff. The buyer will start to wonder if the mechanicals have been serviced or do they even work and their mind starts to snowball. Expect the buyer to have an inspection on your home so fix what you know needs to be fixed before you list so the buyers won’t try to nickel and dime you and re-negotiate price.

Fifth – Curb Appeal

I tell my sellers to walk up to their home as if they were a prospective buyer. What do you see as you walk up? Is there stuff scattered around the garden beds? Get rid of all the little bugs and cobwebs at the front door. Does your front door need to be refreshed with a new color? There are many articles about what color attracts buyers. Clean gutters if needed. Just as you would clean and declutter the inside, don’t forget to do the same to the exterior of your home.

I hope your biggest take away from this is to talk to your trusted Realtor first before you spend money. Putting thought and elbow grease in before you list will go a long way. By considering all of this information you will get your home sold quicker and for top dollar.

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